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~~Happy 2015!!

I could not think of a better way to start off 2015 except by sharing these pieces of great news.

The first bit of news you might have heard, rates are low! Typically low rates mean low home sales because low rates are brought on by a less than stellar economy. However, rates are low due to geopolitical issues and not negative US economic issues. This is great because we are going to have more homebuyers this year than last year, and these homebuyers can cash in on some super low rates.

The second piece of news might have gotten to you already (darn social media!)… FHA is lowering its monthly mortgage insurance. This is great because FHA is a solid mortgage option for many. Lenders have greater success getting buyers with higher debt to income ratios approved using FHA financing versus Conventional or USDA. FHA also does not impose higher interest rates for those with average credit. (Conventional financing has loan level pricing adjustments where someone with a 700 credit score gets a higher rate than someone with a 760). Lower monthly mortgage insurance makes the mortgage more affordable and more attractive to the homebuyer...

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Talk to you soon! 
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