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The American Flag

by Pat Argo

Our American flag is obviously the symbol of our country but it has come to remind us of every man and woman who has fought for the freedom that we enjoy. The emotions that are stirred by images of our flag can run from happiness to sadness to even anger and everything in between.

Most of us learned basic flag etiquette when we were young but occasionally, it is a good idea to review the procedures so that we treat the flag with the respect that it deserves.


  • The U.S. flag should not be flown at night unless a light is shown on it.
  • The flag should never touch the ground.
  • The U.S. flag should not be flown upside down except as a distress signal.
  • A U.S. flag should be displayed at the peak of the staff unless the flag is at half-staff.
  • When displaying multiple flags of a state, community or society on the same flagpole, the U.S. flag must always be on top.
  • When flown with flags of states, communities or societies on separate flag poles which are of the same height and in a straight line, the flag of the United States is always placed in the position of honor - to its own right. No flag should be higher or larger that the U.S. flag. The U.S. flag is always the first flag raised and the last to be lowered.
  • When the U.S. flag is flown with those of other countries, each flag should be the same size and must be on separate poles of the same height. Ideally, the flags should be raised and lowered simultaneously.

A Landmark Birthday!

by Pat Argo, Realtor, CRS

     Sunday was my Birthday! As I rolled into a NEW DECADE for me, I did a lot of thinking as well, while enjoying my fresh coffee on the patio with a little bit of breeze, the birds and a few butterfly's.  I am so glad to be living back at home again!

     I have an awful lot to be grateful for in this life. So I started recounting some of my blessings. My life has been charmed in many ways. There's been a lot of drama... definitely NOT BORING! As well as as adventures and happy endings. Some suggest I should write a book. Maybe I will, when I am not sooo busy! Here are a few of them...

     I am especially grateful for my wonderful late husband Dick. He walked into my life, at a local laundromat when I was newly divorced with 4 small girls and living with no child support. He asked me about real estate... my favorite topic. He became a client, friend, and a mentor to my children.

     Dick grew up on an Illinois farm, worked on the railroad and served in the Marines as a Staff Sergeant. He worked 32 years with RCA/GE as the Space Center developed, and even worked the last 3 years before his retirement on a classified project for GE aboard the SURTASS, which is named in "The Hunt for Red October" book. His integrity and ethics were notable. His twinkly blue eyes were amazing. He is still missed by all of us even after almost 5 years.

     I had other miracles to be grateful for this year. I was hospitalized in December for 7 weeks in various Brevard hospitals, starting and ending at Parrish. My sister, 3 of my 4 daughters and their families rallied and watched after me when I was oblivious to everything. Good friends were also available for most any help needed. I am so grateful for my family and friends. I lived with Stacey several months while regaining strength.         The doctors had not offered much hope. Yet I survived it all, defying a lot of their predictions and am happy to say I am back at home again finally... and back to work!     The Keller Williams team helped with my transactions. Had a closing on the 15th! I would not have made it without all of them. Another miracle was the story of how I got started in my real estate career.

     Now as I patiently wait to see what God wants to show me about the next stages of my life, I exercise at the PFC heated pool, call old friends and clients that I haven't seen for awhile and daily working to get my own home in shape for the market so I can buy something with less maintenance when I am readt and see it. As the guy on TV says "Too Much Stuff!"

Displaying blog entries 1-2 of 2

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