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Memorial Day Thoughts

by Pat Argo

     This morning as I sat on my patio early with my coffee, enjoying the breezes, the birds, bees and butterflies and waiting to see if the Shuttle would be able to land here at home, I was thnking about how lucky I am to live in this country and community, to own my own home free and clear and to be able to take this time to reflect.

     I am grateful for all my many blessings. My life has been charmed in so many ways.  There has been a lot of drama ( Some people suggest I should write a book!), as well as adventures, and happy endings

     I am especially grateful for my wonderful late husband Dick. Growing up on an Illinois farm, he joined the Marines after college and proudly served his country in Japan and Korea. He worked at the Space Center and downrange for RCA/GE for 32 years as the Space Center developed, and spending his last 3 years before retirement on a classified project out of Virginia Beach with GE aboard the SURTASS, which is mentioned in the book "The Hunt for Red October". Once retired we planned to travel for fun, but his hardest battles were just beginning! Shingles, RA, then Esophageal Cancer with drastic treatments at Shands, beating the 92% fatality rate!  Later the final 4 year battle with a deadly blood cancer that took him from me/us 18 months ago.

     He bravely helped me raise my 4 little girls into beautiful, strong women without complaint. His strength, intelligence and integrity in all things as well as his friendly smile, twinkling blue eyes and acceptance of everyone have left their mark on us all.

     Growing up in the early 40's in Gainesville myself, I remember my uncles serving in the military. Many of the guys at our restaurant were GI's.  My oldest grandson, Luke. is in Italy now with the Air Force. My 2 neices, Sunshine and Lucy are also military trained. I am grateful for them, for all those who serve and protect us today as well as through out our history.

     I watched the PBS tribute special tonight as I always do with pride in my country.  Thanks to God and all of them for the peace in my life and heart.

Be Careful What You Pray For...

by Pat Argo

     Weather can sure be fickle, especially here on the Space Coast! After record extended dry periods this winter and spring, many folks have been praying fervantly for rain!  There were terrible fires threatening the local areas the past 4 weeks. The Federal FEMA head was visiting this week to address those problems, when all the prayers seemed to be suddenly answered... and then some!

     NOW the east coast is suffering from passive flooding the past few days. Parts of Volusia and Daytona Beach have received over 24 inches in 3 days. North Brevard has received over 8 inches. They are now declaring historic flooding for non-tropical storms. People in the beach communities are navigating in boats and rafts as streets are all flooded. Over 1000 homes are flooded in Volusia. Yet even living on the coast, most property owners do not have flood insurance. A State of Emergency has been declared.

Something Happened last Month...

by Pat Argo

     I was invited to attend an early gathering of real estate related business people for a special meeting at the Titusville Chamber of Commerce. Along with other Realtors, there were people from mortgage, title, development and other business firms. We were discussing the local real estate market and how we felt buyers and sellers were feeling about all that was going on.

     We had an exchange of some lively and informative commentary. I was impressed with Suzanne Kosmos insightful comments and questions.  When it was all over, I was asked to be interviewed by the reporter for Florida Today. Not known for being bashful, I of course answered her questions frankly and to the best of my knowledge. 

     Wow, was I surprised when I started getting calls early the next morning from people who had seen the article at the top of the front Business Page! Even my adult kids were impressed. I never thought about the publicity when I started out that day! Take a look for yourself! 

Displaying blog entries 1-3 of 3

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