God sent me a another message this week. Thursday afternoon, as I was returning from checking my mailbox, a sign of Spring appeared on the edge of my drive... a snake. Now before you panic, look at it from a different perspective. Many know I grew up mostly on Lake Alto, where we always kept an eye out, every step, branch, pile of leaves, pilings before swimming,etc. We didn't live in fear. We simply shared "our" world with God's creatures great (think gators) and small. We enjoyed our daily lives as we adapted to their world. Usually they avoided us, too.

 I believe God sent that tiny baby snake, no bigger than a spaghetti strand, to me as a reminder. At first glance, it looked like a twig, but as it moved, I recognized it for what it was. It moved in the waving, rippling pattern of a snake. A lot of things have changed this year, including record dry seasons with less water than before I was born for most of Central Florida. Reptiles need water and food too.  When they cannot find it, they move to other areas seeking it.  So do we humans!. 

 So Spring is here!  The gentle timely reminder now, just as I'm getting in a gardening mood again reinforces my Faith. Mostly, here in Titusville, I've been pretty casual about gloves, footwear and clothes... often just reaching over to pull a weed or pick up trash without a thought. I've only seen one other snake in this yard since 1994, a beautiful black racer. Times are changing in my life and my yard, and so will my gardening habits. Thank you God for your loving reminder to stay alert and remember lessons learned in the past, as well as depend and trust in your wisdom subtly put in my path <3.