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Consider Going Green & Gardening in Pots

by Pat Argo

Consider Going Green & Gardening in Pots

My Mother's family name is Greene. Her Dad was a preacher and my Grandma was a gardener. Momma was one of 7 kids. My Dad also loved to garden and friends always enjoyed taking produce home and even some of his Hot Pepper Sauce. (Sonny worked in our restaurant as a teen!) So I really grew up with gardens but did very little real gardening due to time constraints until recent years as I raised my family and worked.

In the Spring, many homeowner’s thoughts turn to the garden. Given the beauty and convenience of a container garden, it’ should be no surprise that an estimated 90% of America's 67 million gardeners grow plants in containers. Here are a few tips for creating a cheerful container garden of your own.

Plants: Expand your imagination beyond flowers: a wide variety of plants and evergreen shrubs do very well in containers. Some vegetables do quite well in containers. Be sure to buy your plants at a dependable nursery or specialty store, selecting only high quality plants that are free of disease and pests. For more visual interest in each pot, use 3 or 4 plant varieties that harmonize with one another.

Sun & Soil: When growing plants in containers, rotate them a quarter turn each day to help them grow straight and full. Potted plants usually require a bit more water and fertilizer than plants growing in the ground> Using the proper kind of soil is very important. I keep a compost container for fruit and veggie scraps, coffee grounds, trimming materials, etc. I also add earthworms to my beds and pots. 

Containers: Your imagination is the limit when it comes to containers for your garden. Most plant containers are made out of wood, plastic, ceramics or clay. But you might try non-traditional containers, such as buckets, wooden crates, or an old watering can. An unusual container can make for a striking garden arrangement.

Get your kids or Grands involved! I noticed a label on a frozen food entree I cooked this week that indicates the paper based tray in recyclable and suggests using it for planting seeds! I am all for this. It cleaned up nicely. I will put it to the test this weekend!

Your container garden will make your home appear more welcoming and even more attractive to potential buyers. And whatever type of garden you create, remember to take time to enjoy it. They can also move with you if you are not going far!

I planted a late Fall Garden in a couple of raised beds I have last year. We enjoyed a wonderful harvest of assorted tomatoes for several months. Later I picked all the green ones ( 2 trays full!) right before the first big frost before Christmas. Then I removed another half dozen of ripe Grape Tomatoes last week as I was getting the beds ready for spring! The fresh green beans, parsley, basil and lettuce starts I got from Lowe's really made my Fall season and also some great meals! Please feel free to share some of your own tips!

Are Open Houses A Thing of the Past???

by Pat Argo, CRS

Who Says Open Houses are Time Wasters??? 

     A great event will be taking place across the state and nation in just 2 weeks! For the First Time that I can remember since I began my career in 1973, Realtor's across the state are having a weekend of Open Houses simultaneously across our great state of Florida! This will be the weekend after Easter.

      The clock is ticking on the opportunity for "First Time Buyers" to go to contract before the end of April and still be able to capitalize on the Tax Incentives. All the Realtor's and their Lenders are gearing up to be ready. This will be a great opportunity to see many homes in an area in one or two days. We want to be sure everyone has their chance to participate!

     Barring an Act of God, I plan to hold 2 great Listings in Mims with acreage Open House 11-12:30 & Open House 1-2:30 More info and photos under my Featured Homes


Did You Get a Call?

by Pat Argo

     Out of the Blue, I got a call at home on Tuesday evening. It was an "800" number so I almost didn't answer. Then I remembered that I'd had a discussion with my insurance carrier about a missing delivery... so maybe it was them?

     No... It was a recorded message from Suzanne Kosmos asking me "to participate in an important call on Wednesday evening where I could even ask personal questions about the issues at hand"! You betcha!!! ;-)  I had already been rolling over my disappointment in her changed vote on the Health Care after all the earlier publicity she put out against it, in my mind for several days! I was also upset about a lack of care from some about "our" cuts to the Space Program and semi-forgotten promises made earlier by others. I thought seriously all evening and the next day about what I would ask.

     As promised, I got the call and was connected on Wednesday evening... along with about 7000(?) other people! That's OK. Others points of view and ways of expressing them were very interesting.   By the time I had a chance, my question had been answered so I passed. Aren't we blessed to have a system to be able to express ourselves freely about the actions our "representatives take in our behalf? Think of so many other countries that have no real  voice!

     Okay, so I still am not one bit happy with the Health "stuff" or the diminishing space role of our country. I am happy to be living in a country that lets me express my views and where acceptable changes may still come about if we pull together. I have always been so proud to live in this area, where so many fantastic accomplishments have come to pass, where most people are proud of their jobs and careers and so much good has come to all the world from the "discoveries" that developed from this very industry!

     Happy tears well up and I get goose bumps with every successful launch and shuttle return. Some locals have long taken all of this for granted. Not me.

     We all need to speak up and be heard. It is a privilege and a responsibility. Do your part to improve our area and nation. Talk to your neighbors, family and friends. Ask questions when you don't understand. Act like a citizen!

Displaying blog entries 1-3 of 3

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